The Gaia Method™

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Mother Earth. Gaia.

Mother Earth. Gaia.

The Gaia Method™ is a method of healing the Feminine aspect of the Earth’s consciousness. It is primarily a way for humanity to reconnect with the consciousness which was once known and understood as the Great Mother. She is an entity, which for many years was nurtured through divine connection with one’s inner self.

She was understood and known as the Mother who nurtures all, but the people also understood that she could be a dangerous foe, just as one understands the power of the sea. It can be beautiful but can also harm. Knowing this, the people strove to work within her boundaries. They knew how to take care of the earth, which was her domain. But over time this knowledge faded and man started to believe that he was the creator. They created a single male god to take her place, where once he stood by her side.

The last 3.000 years have seen the result of this imbalance. Life is not in the sky but in both earth and sky. Everything is balance. In many parts of the world, the feminine is still revered, in different guises, but man controls the world. Women are no longer acknowledged as being the holders of a Divine Creative principle. Man believes that all of creation is a result of male power and vision. This is not the truth and the world as we see it today is the result of this unbalanced thinking and belief.

Having experienced hundreds of years without the feminine now it is time for that consciousness to return, to balance out the male. This requires a deep healing, on many levels; emotional, mental, physical and energetic.  Old beliefs need to be replaced, old emotions need to be healed and old energetic pathways need to be cleared and recreated so that new life can flow in the Mother’s veins once more.

The Gaia Method sees the planet earth as a consciousness made up of both male and female energies. Both energies need to be flowing freely if humanity, and nature, is to work efficiently and abundantly. The Gaia Method is a system for healing, through the earth’s energy system, meridians, vortices, sacred spaces, etc, the consciousness of humanity so that health can be restored to all systems. It involves moving into sacred spaces and removing old programming in the collective unconscious and the history of humanity. If you think about what it takes to heal a person, then you know what it takes to heal the Earth, as it is the same process only bigger! You are not only healing the past but also anchoring the newer thought-forms for Humanity’s future learning and development.

Kundalini Serpent.

Kundalini Serpent.

There are seven initiatic levels, and keys, to go with each level, but each has their own process of attunement. The keys are given as an energy transmission and the gateways usually happen at sacred sites. There are four Faery gifts and four levels of the Elements. Some people are also initiated into the Temple of Artemis, and those people have a specific purpose, which their soul and guides are aware of.

As a Gaia Method™ healer you are accessing lifetimes of your own experiences, skills of healing which you learned in between lives and which your own soul and personal guides teach you. Many people do some of this already but the Gaia Method™ is like a cosmic conducter bringing different streams of ancient techniques into one unified orchestra. It is also the pathway of the ancient initiations of all cultures, initiations into priest/priestess-hood and into servers of the Divine Earth Mother, who I call Artemis. The Gaia Method ™ attunements give you the keys to access your past knowledge and skills and initiates you into a process of healing, whereby your healing is part and parcel of the earth’s own healing. You become an embodiment of an aspect of the Mother consciousness.

In your first attunement, your Mother centre is opened and kundalini raised, making your body and energy field a conduit for the feminine energies, whether you are male or female. All is service. Your connection is into the earth, just as Reiki attunements connect you to the Universal Life force energy from above.

You are given, by your own guides, a name, which is the aspect of the Goddess/God which you are anchoring into the planet at this time. You are also given two keywords which are the way in which your own goddess/god aspect is achieved here. The key words are more like energy keys which open up your divine plan for anchoring the female consciousness, in all her entirety onto the planet, thereby assisting with the dimensional shifts which are occurring worldwide.

Each subsequent attunement gives you more keys and opens up different levels of your experience and being, adding to your previous store of accumulated knowledge.

There are also 7 gateway initiations. These are based on the seven initiations which priestesses/priests underwent in their own spiritual journeys in many of our ancient cultures. These are not prescribed initiations as they often happen spontaneously and are again guided by your own soul and spiritual teachers, as to where and when they happen.


Working with the Elementals is a big part of this work and there are gifts here too. The ability to work with different elemental energies and ‘faery’ consciousness, the Nature beings who we inhabit this planet with!

Every aspect of this particular method of healing is soul-guided. It is an independent pathway but often we keep in contact when we need to as a way of sharing our experiences. We go as far as we are capable of going and that too is an independent choice. Your own soul knows what you need.  The gateway initiations are usually conducted in person but the attunements can be done in person or via distance attunement. Every little helps, no matter what you receive.

Channelled explanation:

This journey is a deeply personal one. Each of you will receive exactly what you need in order to pursue your particular path to Sovereignty; you will also receive both the healing and Light Code activations which you require. Whatever level of spiritual development you have achieved will be raised to a higher frequency, activating the light portals in the body. Once these light portals have been activated the DNA strands will reflect this, allowing a deep transformation and an increase in healing ability and skill. New codes will be added to your already existing ones and your journey will take on a new significance, new possibilities will appear, new pathways be discovered. Whatever the Soul needs for its journey from darkness to light, will be received.

Following the paths of the Ancient Ones, you will once again take up the Mantle of Divine Stewardship. There is a Divine law which states: Each man/woman, in control of his own destiny, is indeed a server of the Divine. For each person, in their own heart, knows their path to Divine Sovereignty. Only those who are willing to carry the light codes, on behalf of humanity, who are courageous enough to pass the initiatic tests, will achieve the Grail. For this journey is challenging, and yet it inspires. All who rise to meet the challenge of uniting the male and female energies, both in themselves and in the world, can call themselves ‘Keepers of the Grail Mysteries’.

I go into more detail on each of the pages dedicated to an aspect of these routes. Whether you do the Gaia Method™ or not I hope these pages help you in your own Gaia Energy work.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Now, when I go back to visit this old tree friend, I will have to ask who have I been speaking with all these years. I call her Grandmother Sycamore.


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