The Ruby of the Divine Feminine.

ruby-bottleI have written a post, on my Earth-working site, that covers the Ruby Energy. You can find it here, along with how I was given it.

The Ruby,

My use of it has evolved over the years and I understand a lot more about it now than I used to! It has become far more than I ever thought it was…I will write about that in another post.


Paying for Attunements.

picsart_05-14-07-24-43ghkIf you wish to receive an attunement, just send me a photo of yourself. This is because the photo helps me to tune into you.

For each Distant Attunement: £30.  $40.  30 Euros.

These can be paid by paypal or by a bank transfer. I do not charge for the energy, just for the time and the work I put into writing up the individual report of the attunement so that you can keep it for future reference. This can take over two hours, and can often be transferred in segments, over a period of a couple of days.  Once you have received the attunement I am always available to talk to if you need any help or extra information. I will always do what I can to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

You can receive attunements whenever you feel like you are ready for a new one. This gives you the extra keys and codes you need to further your work in the field.

The Reiki attunements cost the same as the Gaia Method attunements. For a Reiki 1 or 2 attunement, on top of your Gaia Method attunement : £10 extra

As I am often asked for healing I find that these healing session also tend to be attunement based, in that they add the necessary energies that you need, permanently into your field. So they can cost the same as the attunements themselves, although this is flexible for current students.

If I am prompted to send enerascension-lemuriagy to someone who has not asked me then I do not charge for that, as they did not specifically request it.

In the UK the attunements can be done in person or by distance transfer, either at a workshop, individual attunement or with a group at a sacred site.

If you are in Egypt then the attunements costs the same as they do in the UK or Europe etc, and we can do the gateway initiations at temples or other sacred places. I am still playing with the possibility of doing the Gateway initiations via an energetic process from a distance, as it is possible for people to energetically experience initiation at a sacred site, without actually being physically present, as I recently discovered!

And if you are wondering why I do not charge vast amounts of money it is because that is what my guides suggested I do. In their view, the energy given to me was given without charge, and therefore all they wanted me to charge for was my time and physical work.

Plus, they said that there would be people who would receive the attunements but not actually do any of the work, and would then sell on the attunements for a lot more money. Because they treat it like a business, and not a Path of Development, their students would not receive the energies at all. In that way, the genuine teachers of the system, those who actually do put in all the years of work and development necessary, will be recognised. Because they are not treating it like a business; it is their purpose and way of life.

Attunements. 2nd level.

The Second attunement introduces the Venus grid into your energy field. This is how my guides explained it:5-frankzumbach-etc

“In using this function the recipient allows a certain amount of ‘love’ energy to be transferred to the client or site. This, in turn, stimulates the sending out of the same energy by them, healing the atmosphere and energy field.

In carrying this energy you become one of the many devotees of the Goddess. Your every action and thought leads to unification with the Divine Feminine consciousness so that, eventually, you can join in Holy Union with the Divine Masculine energy of the Sun and Sea, both masculine energies within the overall feminine divine energy. Awareness of your own part in the cosmic evolution of earth is bestowed on all who carry this matrix within their fields and who strive to work within the earthly realms of the Goddess in ‘form’. Her sites, her children, her creations are all in need of her succour and love and those who give their lives to this work are rewarded, many times over, with love and honour.  Those who carry this energy can assist in the conscious evolution of the planet and her people and they are the divine repositories of ancient knowledge, following in the footsteps of the Ancient Ones, those priests and priestesses who gave their lives in service to the planet and all her people. Do this willingly and lovingly and your lives will change to become one of love and abundance as the Goddess loves all, leaving no soul untouched.”

The Venus Grid introduces the lessons of Love, in all its forms. Self-love, Soul-love, Love of Other, and love of the earth and all it contains. It shows you what Love is not, just as clearly as it shows you what it is and it teaches how to Love, in a soul/Goddess-focused way.

The grid can also be anchored by you in certain sites, according to your guidance, when Love is required, where it then fills the atmosphere with its healing and nurturing energies.

Additional energies are given with this attunement, specifically a symbol which connects you to your primary channels of communication and information, i.e. the sea, the earth, the upper cosmos, etc. Everyone has their own strengths of communication and sensitivity and this additional energy opens up the channels from where you receive your information. You could be a sea communicator, or work with trees, or animals, or you might be a psychic medium, clairvoyant etc. There is information contained in everything and this symbol gives you access to your particular channels.

You may also receive other energies during this attunement, depending on what your Soul requires for its development. I don’t personally know what they are going to be as I am just the channel, given instructions about what you need. This is a team effort, between your soul, my soul and both of our guides.

Once you have received this level, additional attunements are given,when you require them, which again build up your ability to work with these energies and expand your knowledge and awareness, further developing your sphere of Love.


The New Temples of Feminine Power.

divfemI have been receiving information about women a lot recently and my recent trip to the library is connected to this new level of work. I had been questioning what this new material was about and yesterday received this:

“We are a group consciousness, working through civilisations and individuals. A family of consciousness, a ‘group mind’, similar in function to how the World Wide Web works. We are all connected and hold the same information and knowledge. It is all accessible to each member of the group, it is just a matter of downloading it!

We are a group of female energies, dedicated to the seeding and development of human consciousness. You see us as Goddesses, and indeed to all intents and purposes, we can be viewed as such, but we are a group of female consciousness all intent on the same goal, that of the unification of the sexes, in all ways and on all levels of development.

In many ways, your ‘groupings’ come under the same heading, as you carry out on earth what we create here. We ‘see’ how humanity has developed, since Abraham, and we see how that experiment has been a dismal failure. The Akkadians had powerful belief systems and these have formed the foundation of many of your current beliefs. The fear of female power originated here and has run, like a dark thread, through your religions and cultures ever since.

Great goddess temples were reduced to ashes, sometimes literally, her temples razed to the ground. We watched as mankind slowly lost his connection to the Mother and seeing him come so close to the abyss, we made a collective decision to intervene. All souls on earth, currently incarnated, are set to begin a new sphere of development, where man is no longer the ruler of the planet, but co-creator with woman. But first, he must be brought to his collective knees. All incarnating souls are aware of this purpose and so all are part of the changees to come, and willingly so.

seagoddesstempleBut to you who are the founders of the new temples, we say this: never in the history of humanity, in this, their current incarnational cycle, has this been attempted. There are so many beliefs at play around ‘gender’ and ‘gender roles’ that it will take many lifetimes for these to be healed. But lifetimes you have a-plenty!

All of you focused on the re-instatement of these energetic temples are guided by us. Gone are the days of female disempowerment. Now you will learn how to be powerful, sensitive women and you will lead other women through their healing process. Each woman is connected to a particular Goddess consciousness, that is, their healing focus and frequency, and all of the knowledge that that energy contains. These are the temples that we speak of, not made of brick or stone, but out in the open, in the trees and the land, free of structures created by man. Your roots are in the earth and each of you is guided by one of us, clusters of healers working through our different energies and frequencies.

If you want to call us a name then “the Council of An” will suffice.”

Now, I understand why I was feeling so emotional when I was given the new material in the Library and why so much has been coming in around women’s empowerment. These energies flow through many women, and certain men, around the planet and you can see how many are bringing through the Feminine wisdoms. It has been growing for some time, but for me and the Gaia Method I am glad to be able to do this too.images-1

When they said  how this has never been attempted before I instantly thought, but what about Jesus, Mohammed, The Knights Templar, etc. and I was reminded that they were all men! Women themselves, have not en masse, risen up around the world to end the subjugation and abuse of women. Pockets of women have done it, but it has not been a global shift in consciousness around women and their freedom.

The temples they speak of are more like a sisterhood, each one connected to the energy of a Divine Feminine consciousness, and the energy knowledge that that contains. Each Goddess-seed does her work with her students and those women then work with others, until the Goddess ‘temple’ consciousness is once again available to mankind. There are no bells and whistles, no converting, no ministering, just a quiet revolution of female power through the Path of Initiation.

The earthwork that is currently being carried out, by women and men around the word, anchoring the new seed thoughts, clearing the old energy lines of their older energies, and anchoring the new seed thoughts,  will usher in the New Consciousness. But, as we can see in the world right now, this will not be an easy transition. In doing the clearing and reactivating we are bringing up old issues in the collective unconscious, and this is never pretty. But as long as we hold on to the fact that everything that is happening will have a good outcome, the easier it will be for us to keep on working.

We can collectively create a whole new reality of Divine Balance between men and women and that will have a knock-on effect on so many other levels. And it will so be worth the effort, and sacrifice, it takes to achieve it. But this is not a new Religion; that is the old way, this is more about recognising our Divine Source, and living a more earth-centred, equal, and free way of life, knowing who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

Examples of Dragon/Serpent-Work.

For diary entries of work I did with Dragon energies here are some links to my earth-work site, where I recorded my earth-work journals. That is still a work in progress as the work never stops, it just gets added to. But it will give you some idea of how to work with the dragon energies, so that when you find yourself seeing them, and they’re doing unexpected things, you will know that you are, in fact, an absolutely sane and rational human being!

Red Dragons


More Serpents

Green Dragons

Gold Dragons

Black Dragons

Bronze dragons

White Dragons.




‘Chi Ball’ Attunements.

b0000725I have been asked many times recently about whether the Gaia method Attunements can be sent via chi ball, which seems to be the fashionable way of sending distance attunements these days. Unfortunately, the attunements are part of a direct energy transmission and therefore it is not possible to send the attunements via a chi-ball attunement.

When I send an attunement I am connecting directly to your Soul Essence and these energies are not ‘containable’. Every aspect of myself goes into sending the attunement and I am in direct communication, both with your Soul and your guides. The same can be said for future teachers of the esystem.

The Gaia Method is an Initiatory path of Earth Healing, not for personal healing. Reiki and other systems are for personal healing, and I do use those systems to heal myself, as I learned to do many years ago.

It takes years to learn this system, and time to learn how to pass attunements, so unfortunately, it cannot be done using a ‘chi-ball’ method. Your attunement is done in the ancient tradition, Soul to Soul and I would not have it any other way. So if anyone offers the Gaia Method as a Chi-Ball attunement then they are not sending you the Gaia Method energies. Apart from that, no-one else but me, teaches the Gaia Method yet. I know all of the Gaia Method healers around the world and they are all genuinely committed and very gifted healers, but as yet only Eartha teaches, although a couple are headed that way…and that makes me genuinely happy! Eartha and I go back near to the beginning of the Gaia Method.

My guides had this to say about it: “The Gaia Method is a path of Dedicated service, not an attunement supermarket. Although if you are a healer, you will benefit from  the attunement regardess of your intention.”

I hope that goes some way to explaining why I do not use the chi-ball as an attunement process, and clears up any confusion that might arise.



Who are the Tuatha De Danaan?

f331977d037a50e62b64182a177689feThe Tuatha De Danaan are traditionally the faery folk of Ireland, a race of beings sent underground with the coming of another race of beings called the Milesians, who defeated them in battle. In reality, they were the Bronze Age people from the Aegean, who came originally to the Western Isles (Southern England and Ireland) after a cataclysm in the Mediterranean.

This was possibly the Santorini volcanic explosion that erupted during the Bronze Age and caused two years of winter. The people who came at that time came in boats and settled here, bringing their culture and knowledge with them. During energy-work on the Dorset Cursus, I was shown that they came here to escape a massive flood that destroyed their homelands and they took their knowledge of mound-building with them. They said,  “We built them in order to stabilise the imbalance which had resulted from the catastrophe that caused the flooding.” They came here too because we already had a firm foundation of Mother consciousness and shared similar beliefs.

The Beaker people built the burial mounds, with their cremation burials, and these are still thought of today as places of the Sidhe (Shee), or Fairy-Forts if you live in Ireland! When I first started doing earth-work, I began by working with these round barrows, and it was through working with them that I learned so much about the rebalancing of the land.


Dorset Cursus

The myths tell us that the Tuatha de Danaan, or People of the Goddess Danu, the Great Mother, came from a group of islands, and from each of these islands, North, South, East and West, they brought an object of power.  These ‘objects’ can be used today as energetic tools, which you receive when you reach a level of proficiency when working with the balancing  of  sites. The Directional energies in the myth are also encoded knowledge for working at sacred sites, as many round barrows lie on the intersection of earth-energylines, and often you have to acknowledge the four directions as a way of activating them beneath the site.

In every culture, there are the Ancient Ones, the ‘memories’ and knowledge held in the country in which you live or work, by the people who first worked with that knowledge. In Ireland, and the United Kingdom, the Tuatha De Danaan are the Wisdom Keepers, and you can access their knowledge through working with their ‘layer’ of history. It is a form of energetic archaeology!

In Scotland, you also have the Picts, another group of people with sacred Knowledge, but I have not worked with them. The energy in Scotland is completely different to the rest of the UK, it is deeper and more ancient.

3c457ba9402ac37b6e02f13880fa3b8cWhen the Milesians came to Ireland and defeated the Tuatha De Danaan, (They also did the same in England) they went ‘underground’, not literally as in the myth, but their power was taken away and they became marginalised. The Celts were mercenary, and much like armies of today, thought only in terms of power and greed. The ‘knowledge’ of the Goddess people had to become secret, or at least less visible, in order to protect it! It was encoded in the myths, and stories that they told each other in order to preserve, in art and writing, the knowledge of how to keep the earth in balance.

Over time, this knowledge was lost, but now it is returning, through us. One of the myths tells us that Iron kills the People of the Sidhe, and that is because the Celts brought their knowledge of Iron-working to the British Isles, and Ireland, and ‘killed off’ the sacred tribes of the Mother. All of the stories and myths have a truth hidden in them, if you look hard enough.

Working with the Gaia Method gives you the access and training you need to work in the way the Tuatha De Danaan worked, and their tools can be used anywhere in the world. The world needs rebalancing and those people who, on a Soul-Level, work in this way are re-emerging and remembering how to do this work. Many people with ancestry in the British Isles and Ireland have this memory in their cells. They only need activating in order to access them. ‘Ask and you shall receive’. Your guides are only too willing for you to ask them and you will receive the knowledge if you really want it. It is the sincere desire to know something that opens the door to learning it.