Sea Energy Symbols.

Working with Sea energies involves working with elements of sea life. Each element holds its own energy and purpose and when you have these energies in your field it provides you with extra abilities in working with the seas and the Oceans. If you are given a sea-energy then you know that part of your planetary healing will involve working with the sea!

As I said before, working with these energies involves making changes to the sea environment, and therefore our living environment. We cannot fail but to be affected by what nature does, so these energies help us to work directly with the forces that shape the weather and the tides, without even knowing how it happens.

Conch Shell Energy.

When I first received the Conch energy it was from a female Sea energy that called herself, Nefreet. She is the Guardian of all Coral reefs. She explained that in order to work with her energy you I had to adjust my frequency to match hers and she gave me the energy of the conch shell to do that with.

Placing the conch-shell energy around your energy-field, allows you to pick up the signals from the sea-world. Using the shell-frequencies achieves two things:

  1. It allows you to align your energy-field-frequencies to match hers,
  2. It gives you the ability to pick up the ‘sounds’ of all the creatures and living plants in her world.

When you visit any place near a coral reef, or anywhere where the shore grows into the sea, there you will find Nefreet.


Octopus Energy.

The Octopus energy is very interesting as it gives you a measure of protection, as well as the ability to reach out in multiple directions to connect to, and hold, different sites around the world, depending on where it is placed in your energy-field.

If you are working with sites connected to sea-energy, then the octopus joins those sites together, via the sea, so that become a network of sea energy sites. For instance, imagine that you are working on Islands, where our ancestors built forts and settlements. These islands can be joined together in a network of sea-light so that they can be fed by each other. Often the sites are many miles apart and the ones you work with are activated and joined by you, then held in a holding pattern so that the ancient energies can work properly again.

Ancient Belemnite.

The ancient Belemnite, the ancestor to the cuttlefish, is extinct but as an energy, it is very much present. Like modern-day squid, to which it is related, it squirts ink to confuse predators.

In terms of an energy symbol, it allows us the ability to tune into ancient levels of consciousness and earth’s development. It moves within the different levels of the sea, from the sunlit upper levels to the darker deeper levels. Herein lies its gift. It gives you the ability to bring the light of the sun, and clarity, to deeper levels of the earth’s history and to human consciousness. Because you are an anchorer of new seed thoughts sometimes these seed thought need to be anchored in the older layers of geology, where our ancestors created life and where those before humanity did the same. Many of their developmental beliefs affect us to this day.

It is like earth psychotherapy, where beliefs and traumas, held deep in the earth, need to be released and new beliefs and energies anchored. But, those layers also hold positive energy that we modern humans can also benefit from. Those energies are released so that we can benefit from the successes of previous civilisations and lifeforms too.

Dolphin Breath.

The Dolphin Energy is given via breath, much like the Dragon Attunements. This works within the emotional, watery level of your energy-field. When you have this energy it teaches you to swim in emotional currents. You effectively become dolphin energy on an emotional level. Through learning how to navigate your own emotional waters or issues, you learn how to navigate in others. The Dolphin communication is also about how your healing words have an effect on others, therefore your vocal frequencies working in the watery, emotional layers of others brings healing to whatever level needs it.

It also means that the dolphin energies that work in the sea,  can bring lines of light from one site to another through the sea. If you are working in one part of the world and the gold lines need to be brought across the sea to another site, the dolphins come and take the lines in their beaks and carry them to their destined site. A while later, another healer may pick up those energies, not knowing how they got there and will anchor them or take them across the land to where they are guided to bring them.

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The Stingray is another energy that you might be given. The Stingray is a very playful creature but it has a sting in its tail; they know how to protect themselves from predators. They are excellent at camouflage, lying, inactive, on the seabed of warm sea waters for much of the time, covered in sand. Their movements are dictated by the movements of the tide.

When you have the Stingray energy in your field you also may stay camouflaged in warmer sea areas, waiting for your cue to get up and move to another area. All the time you are in one particular place you can enjoy your surroundings, and when you feel the inner impulse to get up and go to where you need to work, you get up and go! It’s about taking your time and trusting your impulses while also being safe and camouflaged so that you are not recognised as the crazy old woman/man in the woods! We all know what happens to them. The more normally you fit into your surroundings the better you can do your work.

These energies are for people who have chosen to work with coastal areas and with sea energies. If you receive one, or more, of these energies in an attunement, take it for granted that you will be working with the seas or Oceans somewhere in the world at some time. Maybe you already are!




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