I have created a page on Patreon, which is a somewhere that I can share my book-writing process and publication.

Writing the book, The Wizard Who Wasn’t, and it’s sequel, The Dragon Thieves, is an incredible adventure in learning. Who knew there was so much to the craft of writing! And it’s not just the writing, it’s the editing, and the re-editing, and then the re-editing again, when you discover that you’re actually doing it all wrong and have to start all over again…nearly!

pearlBecause, these books, and all the rest that will be published after them, come into my consciousness as bare bones, which I then have to flesh out with my own words, I do not work in the traditional way. I don’t have to worry about how to structure it because it’s already structured. The characters already exist, so I don’t have to make them up. Until a new chapter comes into my head I have no idea where it is going, until the book is actually finished coming in. Then I see the storylines and the plot and I understand the direction it takes. It can be nerve-wracking, but I have learned to trust the book itself to get written. emeralds

So, back to Patreon. Patreon is where I share the writing process.  Sponsors of my work receive rewards and gifts and they allow me to continue blogging, writing the books and getting the Gaia Method out there.

Another really important facet of this process is that it allows me to support a number of very poor families that live in Luxor. Due to the incredible hikes in the price of absolutely everything they use, from food to clothing to electricity etc, many poor people cannot afford to eat. It is that bad. So a percentage of our money goes to support them until they are in a position to support themselves. Egypt has been my home for over five years, I owe them something for the valuable learning I have received here, even if it was incredibly painful and I hated every minute of it…well, not quite every minute, but close enough.



So, in gratitude for what I have learned, I have pledged 10% of all earnings I receive to supporting these families, who are mainly abandoned women and their children. Upper Egypt is in a ‘State of Chassis’, as Sean O’ Casey, an Irish

Upper Egypt is in a ‘State of Chassis’, as Sean O’ Casey, an Irish playwright once said. Basically, it means that it is in Chaos. We have it bad enough in the UK and Ireland, but it is far worse here, although to be fair, everything is relative!

The images you are seeing here are the levels of rewards on my Patreon page.  Each reward relates to a Gaia Method crystalline energy and as you become my Patron, you work within one of these crystal levels. It makes it a bit more fun and a lot more colourful! It is based on the old way of the craftsperson having sponsors so that they can continue their work and their patrons have first access to all of it. diamond-dark-m

If it wasn’t for sponsorship, Tutankhamun would never have been discovered. Can you imagine that? No… me neither!

So, in sponsoring me, you can receive attunements every month, signed books once they are released, essences, regular attunements and absent healing, soul and past-life readings plus online training in Earth energy work and my process of writing a channelled book, plus previews and sample chapters. I am also working on a Gaia Method Oracle pack to help you learn the symbols and energies, which will also be available once they are finished. How could you possibly say no?

So check me out and sponsor me, or even follow me, there is still good stuff to learn. And, for those of you needing sponsoring too, become a creator and I will sponsor you. That way we can all help each other.







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